Lizette Mizelle has been named Crackle’s first Highwire winner October 2007 A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company . An online competition honor!! Snippets of her act have also been featured on Comedy Time. She has worked with SNL favorite Dana Carvey and Internet star Mrs. Hughes after finishing a grueling Midwest tour…in the snow…uphill both ways.

Lizette’s comedy spark was ignited while sitting in the front row of a local college comedy show. The emcee singled her out and her quick-witted responses earned her enthusiastic applause. Lizette pondered a new career, “Hmmm. Performing without having to sing. This could be the ticket.” Yet, trying to break in at comedy clubs was harder than she anticipated. Just seventeen, and attempting to avoid the ID check at an L.A. comedy club, she claimed to be a working comedian; only to have her statements challenged when she was asked to fill a hole in the comedy line-up. Lizette jumped on stage and unwittingly began her comedy career.

Lizette continued to hone her stand-up skills until married life and motherhood beckoned. Now back from hiatus she’s better than ever. A fitness enthusiast, disgruntled hairdresser, and single mother of three, she has lots of inspiration for her clever observations and physically delivered hilarious stories. Wryly observant, 99% clean, and a quirky younger-than-her-years stage persona helps make these unusual antics very relatable.

Lizette Mizelle
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