Lis Paige Robinson is a soulful and tested actress who happens to possess a laser-sharp comedic talent. Her quirky vulnerability fuses surprisingly with her edgy confidence and presence.

Lisa grew up in Europe where her father was a foreign correspondent for the Associated Press. At an early age, she spoke German and Swedish fluently. By age 6, she knew she wanted to act.

At age 11, Lisa moved to Los Angeles, where she turned her attention and passion to acting. She studied Meisner and Uta Hagen techniques, and almost immediately started booking roles on such shows as The Wonder years where she played the recurring role of fan-favorite character Cara, Brooklyn Bridge and pilots. During these formative professional years Lisa also worked with Elias Koteas in a one-act play directed by Arliss Howard.

Lisa majored in acting at Emerson College, where she studied under the distinguished Kristin Linklater. After graduation, she returned to Los Angeles and resumed her acting study under luminaries such as Howard Fine, Larry Moss, and John Kirby. During these years Lisa could be seen in co-starring roles on network television shows such as "The Others" and "CSI Miami".

Lisa took a brief break from acting to work in casting, learning ins and outs of the business and making many contacts. She then met writer Matthew Robinson who, immediately following their engagement, began work on "The Invention of Lying", a film he co-wrote and co-directed with Ricky Gervais, and which features Lisa in a memorable role alongside Ricky.

Lisa began developing her stand-up career and has quickly become one of L.A.'s most exciting rising stand-up comics. She appears monthly in The Comedy Store's Main Room, as well as other venues around town. Of Lisa's stand-up routine, legendary and characteristically hard to impress producer Lynda Obst said:

"Prettier than any female comic has any right to be, Lisa Robinson turns out to be hilarious, modern, edgy, and existential. She knocked me off my stool with her deadpan observations of modern life, marriage, family, and the living hell of the so-called good life in L.A."

Lisa's gift for comedic timing, coupled with her intelligence and insight, sets her apart from most female comedians working today. Ricky Gervais said: "Lisa has a great delivery and is very funny and original." - high praise coming from one of the most original comedians of our time!

Lisa has a love for the dramatic side of acting as well, and enjoyed playing opposite Justin Bartha in the upcoming film "The Rebound", which stars Catherine Zeta Jones. Here, Lisa showcases her vulnerable, quirky side, playing a spurned love interest.

Lisa continues to do stand-up, study her craft and produce and write digital shorts in which she features characters worth of "Saturday Night Live". She lives in Los Angeles with writer and director Matthew Robinson.

Lisa Robinson
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