Lee Zellars became involved in photography in 1983. By that time, he started educating himself on black and white, and color photography. Zellars, a self-educated photographer since 1983, still does business in the city of Cincinnati, which is his birthplace. As a photographer, he worked for The Taft Museum. YMCA Black Achievers Program. Executive Studio. The Cincinnati Herald. His photo's has appeared in Jet and The Final Call and Applause Magazine. In June of 1995, with the help of Antoinette D. Wright President/CEO of The Dusable Museum. He had his first exhibit at C.A.G.E. Gallery. The exhibit was titled, "Made In America" His project was selected, along with 20 other artist out of, 140 artist from various parts of the United States.Lee Zellars also volunteered his service to the Community Action Agency. The Ohio State Young Scholars Program, and The Arts Consortium of Cincinnati.Today Lee is working towards a career in filmmaking. His first short film shot at Media Bridges, won first place for Best Short at The Ohio Regional Cable Access Awards in Indiana in 2002. His documentary titled, M.O.M.S. a story of mothers of murdered sons, was screened at The Cincinnati Jewish Community Center, and several other community and recreation centers in Cincinnati Ohio. The documentary received good reviews from local newspapers and WCET Program director, Grace Hill. Zellars movie titled 'Nattyville' was his first feature film in 2004, and it sold more than 1,200 copies in the first few months. 'Justifiable Romance' won 2nd place for best action drama at The Indie Gathering Film Festival in 2006. The third movie 'Dick' won 2nd place for best crime drama in 2007 at The Indie Gathering.The Basement Show is a one hour variety show. I'd like to discribe it as being like, The Arseniol Hall Show, rated. NC-17, and shot in someone basement in an unknown location. The show is not for everyone, but then again nothing really is! The Basement Show however, is a place where an artist can been seen when everyone else has show you "the door" If you are a talented artist, we would like to hear from you.

Lee Zellars

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