Comedian Laurie McDermott, known to thousands of fans as 'The CEO of the House', is a captivating performer with a fresh face and a unique point-of-view that has fans clamoring to hear what she;s going to say next.

Touring Internationally and the US since 1995, Laurie, the Second City Graduate and Chicago native now living in Los Angeles, appears at comedy clubs, festivals, casinos, corporate events, concert events, and when she's not afraid to vomit or wobble on her feet, cruise ships as far away as Hong Kong and Korea on Military Tours.

Laurie has also appeared in dozens of commercials Disney, Direct TV and Ikea and television shows LA Exclusive, Movies & More, Comic Relief IV and Comic Diva's Live. Laurie even hosted a wildly spontaneous advice-call-in radio show she created for Classic Hits 97FM, titled, 'For Lovers Only'.

An award-winning author and syndicated columnist, Laurie's laugh-out-loud articles and columns appear regularly in Family, Bride and Parenting Magazines. In Los Angeles, it's the magazines LA family and The Crayon Report, where one can always find the most current published printing of Laurie's well-followed and well-loved, 'The CEO of the House' column.

Laurie even created a new series of books, 'The CEO of the House', published after a quiet fan approached Laurie and practically screamed, When are you going to put your columns in a book that I can buy to read when I need a good laugh!! Laurie immediately put the book into fruition and there are plans of publishing five more volumes as well as three children's books that are going into production next summer. Laurie wishes to thank this short, blonde-ambitious fan for being so bold. That's something Laurie would do well, not publish a book, but yell at someone else for not doing so.

Laurie McDermott

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