Lauren is a stand up comedienne and writer, who hates most things outside of comedy. Though she has recently thrown herself into work as a stand up, she has been writing comedy since she was 15. Centerstage wrote that she is "witty, thoughtful and energetic, with the humorist’s ability to turn the commonplace on its head and turn it into something bizarre and wonderful, yet somehow true." She's a graduate of Second City's writing program, and though she's enjoyed writing subsequent skybox shows, the credit debt still stings. When she’s not writing and performing stand up, her snarky musings can be found at, and when she’s feeling ambitious she churns out the a short story, script, or sketch. Her love for booze journalism has inspired her first book, which she has finally time to 'research' now that she has recieved her useless communications degree. She also has a really hot Mom, and there is nothing funny about that.

Lauren Vino
This artist currently doesn't have any clips up on the Rooftop website. Check back again soon, or better yet, give them a ring and tell them to head down to the comedy club for more of the good stuff.
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