Langston Kerman was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, which left him totally bitter about his cushiony upbringing and lack of street-cred. He lost his baby teeth early, and his testicles dropped soon after; although, very few people noticed. He now resides in Boston where he is studying to receive an MFA in Poetry. Performing all over the cities of Boston, Chicago & New York. Langston Kerman's stand-up is molested with sarcasm. He aims to bring a critical eye to the everyday qualities of laughter; forcing his audience to find pleasure in their own discomforts and taboo thoughts. Kerman is eclectic and a little strange; his punchline heavy jokes almost seeming to criticize themselves as they develop in front of the audience. In his free time he enjoys racism, YouTube, racist YouTube comments, exotic fruit, and Internet dating commercials. There is only one word to describe Langston Kerman: Butterscotch… all Butterscotch.

Langston Kerman

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Langston Kerman has tried sexting, and here explains why it is a stupid thing to do.

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