Lamuweri Guluka is an African name meaning “hard to pronounce on first try.” Lam was raised on the mean streets of Bellevue, WA; amongst Boeing and Microsoft employees who can be brutal when deprived of their morning lattes.

At a very early age, with some help from his parents, Lam realized that toilets are what adults use when they need to go to the bathroom. One day while sitting on the toilet Lam tried telling some jokes. Needless to say they didn’t go over well. Saddened, he wondered if there was an alternative form of comedy, performed while standing up.

One day while scanning YouTube, Lam discovered the art of standup comedy. Much different than the sit down style of comedy that he is used to, he tried it and quickly excelled. The rest is history. Well technically, I guess the rest is the future, since it has yet to happen.

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