Once Upon A time...

In a land far far away known as Canada! a little girl with was born with a sick sense of humor and a knack for writing killer funny songs. Her unique talents have taken her all around the world. She has performed in scary places such as Iraq and Havre MT. And has also appeared on NBC, Comedy Central, and VH1. She has shot pilots for Showtime and VH1. You can experience even more of her comedy glory by checking out her CD “Dick Jokes and Other Assorted Love Songs” which was recorded live in an evil place Las Vegas and receives regular airplay at top radio stations across the country. This Jewish American fairy princess currently resides in a fantasy city known as Los Angeles. She lives in a house up in the clouds atop the Hollywood Hills. And she can be seen and heard telling jokes and singing her hilarious songs for miles all around, most people think its just the coyotes.

Lahna Turner

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