LOUNGE-ZILLA! has musically invaded the USA, Canada and beyond with his naughty brand of TWISTED MUSIC, POLITICALLY-INCORRECT COMEDY and an OUTRAGEOUS 3D FINALE that must be seen to be believed!<br><br>DIVA, SINGER, COMEDIAN, and general all-around SEXPERT, LOUNGE-ZILLA! (everyone's favorite exotic Pacific Rimmer) is best know for such OFF-BEAT CLASSICS as "I'll Be Here For You (The Stalking Song), "Ode To A Fag Hag" and the giant genitalia-wielding show-stopper "I'm A Teenage Mutant Boy Scout From The Nuclear Fallout Zone."<br><br>Accompanied by the man-who-writes-the-songs-that-make-the-whole-world-cringe, Mr. Scary Manilow.



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