Kymedienne Kim Jackson always had a funny sense of humor about herself. She can make people laugh when they are feeling down. It was about 1998 that I started to notice that people around her were always laughing at what I did. Just by living day to day life, she would encounter different people and situations that seemed to humor people from all walks of life. She decided to pursue a comedy career professionally. She began her comedy career in 2006 at Ontario Improv Comedy School with the help of my comedy instructors Johnny Dam and Gary Cannon. She perform at the Ontario Improv if front of 300 people. The the audience receive her well. Kymedienne true passion and talent is comedy. List of Performances: Ontario Improv, Comedy Store, Comedy Union, the J Spot, the Ice House, Ha Ha Comedy Club, and many other clubs in the Los Angeles Area.

Kymedienne Jac
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