The lovey and super funny Kristen Toomey is a featured comic on Chicago's Comedy Scene Radio.

Kristen Toomey

My Clips

5 stars
Kidnapping the Honor Roll

Kristen Toomey was on honor roll and wants everyone to know about it.

5 stars
Mom's Privacy

Kristen Toomey is relishing the day when her children will have to wipe her.

4 stars

Kristen Toomey says "thanks" for the Spanx.

4 stars
Quit Drinking

Kristen Toomey quit drinking because it got too expensive. She's not a cheap date.

4 stars
Joined The Gym

Kristen Toomey is looking for the right personal trainer to take her to the next level.

5 stars
Get Off The Tit

Kristen Toomey has a message for the children of America.

4 stars
Body Image

Kristen Toomey is ready to show us that she's got all the right moves.

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