Don't let the name fool you. Dave is a grown-up who entertains other grown-ups with grown-up humor. Relationships, politics, kids, in-laws-- everyday stuff in the adult world. No, not dirty, just his life and times filtered through a very dry, sarcastic wit. Dave is often described as a comedy purist-- a label he takes pride in. NO MAGIC, NO JUGGLING, NO PROPS, NO PUPPETS. Just a man with a microphone, working without a net.

Dave is an opinionated fellow. Below he shares his thoughts on novelty acts.

MAGICIANS--Still waiting to see one that can make himself disappear for good.

JUGGLERS--Should replace laboratory animals as test subjects for painful experimental medical procedures.

PROP COMICS--Keeps one in the trunk of his car. When tossed under the rear wheels in inclement weather, they provide excellent traction on icy pavement.

PUPPETS--Loves `em. On a cold night, with only one match, a combustible puppet can produce more heat and pretty colors than any Duraflame log.

In this day and age, it's scary to take a chance on a comic you've never seen. New York and L.A. comics, with provincial acts and bad attitudes, are a dime a dozen. Not so with Dave. His act was built on the road. Material written and polished as he travels 50,000 miles a year throughout the USA. All Dave asks is that someone do his introduction. He'll take care of the rest. Read some of the letters that Dave's corporate clients have written by clicking here.

There you have it, Kid Dave in a nutshell. Now it's up to you. Give the Kid a chance, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Dave's live comedy album, "Kicked Out" is available at hundreds of outlets nationwide.

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