Established in 1984 following the mergers of Steven and Cathy O’Shea, Kevin O’Shea has been one of San Francisco’s leading manufactures of mirth, laughter, hilarity and all around good times! Kevin has been commonly described as clever, absurd, awkward but in a funny way and too smart for his own good. He has been seen on the Independent Film Channel and He is a favorite of comedy festivals such as: The SF Sketch Fest and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Go see him now as his 4th quarter productivity has never been higher!

Kevin O'Shea

My Clips

3 stars
Coffee Shop Breakdown

Kevin O'Shea averts is witness to an entitled brat.

3 stars
Practicing Smiles

Kevin O'Shea is never fully dressed.

3 stars
Used Bookstore Hair

Kevin O'Shea is the Paul Mitchell of comedy.

3 stars
Who's On First Remake

Kevin O'Shea is trying to get to third while skipping first and second. Come on, Kev!

3 stars
Baseball Superstitions

Kevin O'Shea hasn't washed his jockey strap in 3 years because he thinks flies are lucky. He also stole that joke from Ace Ventura!

4 stars
4 stars
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