Growing up in an environment where everybody wanted to get into the music industry, Kevin Craft wasn't passionate about singing or rapping, on the other hand, he did realize that he was a natural at making people laugh. “All my friends were trying to get into the music industry and that wasn’t me. I can’t rap, I can’t sing. But when we would start capping on each other, I always found a way to turn it into a story and make them laugh. After a while I noticed that it really wasn’t hard for me to make people was like a gift.”

Craft decided to turn his God given talent into a career, he worked on his jokes everyday, started to frequent any open mics he could find, and host music showcases for his friends. Being a comedian in Minnesota seemed to be a bit difficult at times and he wasn’t sure if he was on the right track, till he came across a posting for an audition and this fortuitous encounter would lead him to the semi-finals in Chicago for The Last Comic Standing. That opportunity removed all doubt from his mind about his career as a comedian, he knew that he had something that could take him to the top.

Kevin Craft
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