Several years ago, Ken Schultz was born. He now gets paid to say weird things into a microphone. People seem to be OK with this.

Ken Schultz

My Clips

3 stars
Hail Mary Heckler

Ken Schultz must repent for this joke or he shall go to hell.

5 stars
Secret Muslim

Ken Schultz is exposing one of the largest government cover ups in US history. Conspiracy theorists can all agree, this is informative.

3 stars
Sports Sophistication

Ken Schultz has a sophisticated palette and enjoys the mouth feel of rich soft cheese.

5 stars
Catholic Style

Ken Schultz could never keep a straight face during confession.

5 stars
Glenn Beck Sucks

Glenn Beck's zoo-crew past comes back to haunt him.

5 stars
Chicago Bears

Ken Schultz roots for the Bears.

5 stars
4 stars
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