Ken is a NYC based actor and comedian. He got started as a little kid in an imaginary family trying to forget his real family. Ken's characters and impersonations won him friends and got him into trouble at the same time. Being a dyslexic with ADD back in the day didn't leave much hope of academic success.
Athletics carried me so far so I channeled everything into theatre.Since coming to NYC from Marshall University in 1994, Ken has been an NBC Page , received an MFA from the Actors Studio, where he got bittin by the comedy bug, has done numerous plays around the city as well as TV ,Film, and comedy
Ken has taken on another role this year playing a dad to his wonderful son Jacob. It's the most demanding and rewarding role to date.

Ken Perlstein

My Clips

3 stars
Substitute Teaching

Ken Perlstein is in the mood for pain.

3 stars
Proud Of My Son

Ken Perlstein is raising a chip off the old block.

3 stars
Passive Aggressive Dad

Ken Perlstein assertively acknowledges his passive tendencies.

5 stars
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