Once every 3 or 4 years a truly funny, unique comedian comes along.

Ken Koskella is that person. Ken is a successful businessman who retired at a relatively young age. When he was in high school he did many plays, skits and monologues. He then took a break from the performing arts to become a very successful business executive. After retirement, he took some acting classes, tried some voice over work and decided he wanted to do stand-up. Ken has spent the last ten years honing his act by writing and performing at open mics, showcases, comedy clubs and many private benefit shows.

Ken is a winner of the San Diego Comedy Competition, The Avalon Comedy Competition, a finalist in the Rooster T Feathers Comedy Competition, and a semi-finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. Ken has also been featured on the KRON TV San Francisco's comedy show Stand-UP, It's Thursday Nite.

Ken is now performing at comedy at clubs, benefit shows, special events and corporations. Ken and Dave Burleigh have also written a two man theater show,
The Generation Gap.

Ken is the Producer and a performer in The Suburban Comedy Tour . A unique performer in the comedy scene, The Oakland Tribune called Ken “a tanned, dapper Rodney Dangerfield”

Ken Koskella

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