Kelly Fletcher grew up in Georgia. His family and friends have been his inspiration and have made there way into a lot of his material. Kelly first realized that comedy was his future in high school as a goof-off who was always doing whatever it took to get a laugh out of his classmates and teachers. Over the years he put it off until taking a comedy writing class taught by Joy Keishien Who helped Kelly get his first step into comedy. His first performance was held at The Comedy Catch as a graduation show where he and 3 other fresh faces made there first appearance. Shortly after that he tried to work in a bar that was doing an open mic comedy show. He soon realized that comedy clubs were the best and most obvious place to try and advance in his career. He quickly gave up the whole bar gig thing and went back to The Comedy Catch where he is now working pretty regularly as an MC or guest comic. But don’t think that’s all this young excited comic is going for he plans to make it much further so keep an eye out you never know when he might just show up on your TV someday.

Kelly Fletcher
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