Katrina was born into a huge family, thus pushing her to develop an obnoxious personality so she wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle of the mass of children her mother had. As the only red head of seven children, she got used to standing out in a crowd, as well as people asking "Are you really part of that family?"

Having held many jobs before becoming a stay at home Mom to her two boys, Katrina felt the urge to take the stage .... a release of stress, because she soon realized that "Stay At Home Mom" is another way to say, "Prisoner Being Held Hostage By Little People" and needed adult interaction where beer was present. From her desire to embrace the attention whore within her and get out of the house for a few hours a night, her love of performing was rebirthed. Prior to doing Stand-Up Comedy, Katrina held a wonderful title in High School as the Activities Dork Queen participating in Drama Club, Speech Team, and the like.

Never calling the love she feels for her children into question, she does use them as a large part of her comedy material. She feels it is her job to enlighten the childless masses that aside from enriching and completing one’s life, children also offer a view of Hell unseen by those who do not have children.

Katrina Brown

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