Karey Dornetto is a writer/comic. She is a native of Charleston, SC. The daughter of a military professor and an ex-nun sorry if I just blew your mind, she grew up on The Citadel Campus and went to Catholic school for twelve years - just imagine how that upbringing could fuck you up, or make you awesome! Karey started doing comedy after attending the University of South Carolina, where she got drunk and maybe lost her virginity, she doesn't think so but looking back maybe she did. Upon graduating, Karey moved to Charlotte, NC, where she landed a job on the Banc of America trading floor she was a finance major in college, so it was the sensible thing to do. But Karey wanted to be funny not farty, so she joined the sketch comedy group The Perch, where she began writing and performing weekly. Karey grew bored of Charlotte after two years and decided to make a move. She got her company to transfer her ass to New York City suckers!, and that's where she started performing standup. While in NYC, she "performed all over" and eventually produced her own show in Chinatown, called "The Rape and Pillage Show." The turning point came when she wrote a story called "Fat Basketball Diaries" for the online magazine, Girlcomic.net. The story was well received by friends and other comics, so Karey said, "Hmmm, I think I'll write some more and maybe I'll try and be a comedy writer, yeah!" And she did. After three years in New York, she moved out to Los Angeles to take her first writing gig on South Park. She's been living in LA ever since. Other shows Karey has worked on include: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, You've Got A Friend, The Adventurers of Chico & Guapo, Dog Bites Man, Arrested Development, and The Knights of Prosperity. Karey now "performs all over" LA, and has just finished writing/drawing her first book, "101 Ways To Shave Your Ass." Expect to see it on a New York Times Best-Seller list near you, soon!

Karey Dornetto

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