Kara Klenk is a stand up comic, improviser, and actor based in New York City. She has appeared on SpikeTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, The TVGuide Network, Current, and Nick-at-Nite .

She performs all over New York City including Comix, Gotham Comedy Club, Laugh Lounge, Comic Strip Live, and the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. She has appeared on Comedysmack.com as well as on Comedy Central's Atom.com.

Kara was a semi-finalist in the 2009 New York Comedy Contest, was selected for Time Out New York's Joke of the Week, and was nominated for Joke of the Year. She also produces and hosts a long-running NYC show, If You Build It, at the UCB East.

Kara Klenk


My Clips

3 stars
Not a Good Diet

Kara Klenk chased down some hot dude wearing a cool shirt. Prepare to have your face sat upon.

3 stars
5 stars
Snuggie vs. Blankets

The ubiquitous Snuggie has launched an attack on the traditional blanket.

5 stars
New In Town: The Preview Says it All

Renee Zellwegger plays a "beautiful" woman in a romantic "comedy" sure to make you "laugh."

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