Justin Leon has spent the last seven years working the road and sharpening an act that is based on his life and yours, spending less time on our differences and more on what we have in common, Justin observes the world in a way that everyone can relate. Mainstream or urban, audiences agree, spending some time with Justin Leon is like sitting on the couch with a friend laughing about your day, your family, and your life. Justin has been fortunate to have had shared the stage with some of the best in the business today. BOB SAGET TRACY MORGAN KATHLEEN MADIGAN LEWIS BLACK PABLO FRANCISCO TOMMY DAVIDSON BILL BELLAMY BOBBY SLAYTON TO NAME A FEW Justin Leon can be seen at many of the top clubs in the nation. IMPROV-KANSAS CITY, TAMPA. MIAMI FUNNY BONE-ST.LOUIS, SOUTH BEND, COLUMBUS, OMAHA, VIRGINIA BEACH LOONY BIN-OKLAHOMA CITY, LITTLE ROCK, WICHITA HOUSE OF BLUES-LAS VEGAS AND COUNTLESS OTHERS



My Clips

3 stars
Taser Guns

Justin Leon would tase you in a hot second. Don't test him. The dude is crazy.

3 stars

Justin Leon is doubting the capabilities of the KKK's most endearing sub section.

3 stars
Interracial Marriage

Justin Leon has an aunt that is still letting her soul glo.

3 stars
New Proposition

Justin Leon is planning on making a mint as a gay specific divorce attorney.

5 stars
5 stars
Lazy-Ass Criminals

Lazy, or genius?

5 stars
4 stars
5 stars
5 stars
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