Justin Colucci is a stand-up comedian currently living in Minneapolis. While he loves doing comedy, he also dreams of one day ruling the planet from a throne of human skulls. When his life is over, the earth with open, the sky will burn and he will take his place as God.

They call him crazy, but you'll see, you'll all see.

Justin Colucci is also the winner of ACME's Funniest Person in the Twin Cities 2011 and co-hosts the Men With Hats showcase once a month at the Comedy Corner Underground.

Justin Colucci


My Clips

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Any Drinkers in the Audience?

Justin Colucci has "daddy" issues.

5 stars
Frankenstein's Monster

Justin Colucci proves there is no reason to be afraid of Frankenstein's monster.

5 stars

Justin Colucci's political loyalties can be very easily changed.

5 stars
Half empty or half full?

Justin Colucci discuses his take on optimism vs. pessimism.

5 stars
Super models?

Justin Colucci wonders what is so super about super models.

5 stars
Gun Control

Just Colucci's odd take on gun control.

4 stars
The Mechanical Asparagus Project Documentary

A documentary on a local one man band.

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