Every comedian is unique
in his/her own way. So
what is it that makes
comedian Josh Alton
unique? The short answer
is nothing. He is a medium
height, medium build,
brown hair, brown eyed,
white guy from the
Midwest. He is an average
Joe. But it's that
"everyday" appeal that
makes him unique and
attractive to a mass amount
of people!

From the biggest comedy
clubs to the smallest dive
bars, audience members of
any age, race, or
background, can relate to
Alton's material about
college, marriage, pets, sex,
and how to look at the good
side of getting robbed! This
veteran of the stage brings
an honest, positive energy
to each performance. His
mix of funny stories, and
witty one-liners, keeps crowds on their toes, and packs each show with
the maximum amount of laughter!

Alton's comedic credits include several years of improv training from
Chicago's famous Second City Theatre, and starring in a stand-up
comedy documentary, called "Road Dogs". Alton has also opened for
such great comedians as Dave Attell, Larry the Cable Guy, Jon Lovitz,
Kevin Pollak, Michael Winslow, Bobcat Goldthwait, David Alan Grier,
Greg Giraldo, Ralphie May, and many more!

Josh Alton

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