John Wielba is a comedian and a founding father of "Fried Nothing Comedy" and is a frequent performer.

Jordan Wieleba

My Clips

3 stars
No Country For Really Old Men

In a world where justice is outlawed... and only outlaws have justice... there are no clean getaways, just ones that are mashed up into a fine paste for easy digestion. [A semi-finalist in the 2008 MTV Movie Awards Spoof Contest & featured on Comedy Central's "Atom TV"!]

3 stars
Don't Forget the Bean Dip [music video]

Fried Nothing TV's first ever music video! Witness how they rise to the top of their comedy game! Listen how the rhymes flow out of their mouths smoother than jalapeno popper diarrhea! Witness at the marvel that is yet another crappy internet music video!

3 stars
Jordan Wieleba - FNTV Comedy Night 3D

Fried Nothing TV cast member Jordan Wieleba performs at Fried Nothing TV Comedy Night 3D - filmed live @ The Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO (5/23/10)

3 stars
Bob Ross: Happy Little Outtakes

Ever wonder what Bob Ross was really like behind the scenes? Fried Nothing TV has the answer, and it's not as happy or little as you'd think!

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