Jonny Loquasto began life in a lovely town called Northampton, Pennsylvania. He ate chicken fingers, french fries & tartar sauce nonstop as a young kid & took the crown as Prince Chubby aka the Funny Fat Kid. Don't ever tell him that Long John Silvers isn't a 5 star restaurant. Eventually becoming obsessed with sports, JL convinced himself that he was the next Charles Barkley.

After promptly getting cut from his highschool basketball team every single year, Jonny went onto the University of Sciences in Philadelphia and somehow played Division II College Basketball. By "played" that basically means he sat on the end of the bench, talked trash, and would occasionally play once the team was winning or losing by 25 points. J-Loq achieved a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy and moved out to Orange County, CA because he had never seen actual breast implants in person. 6 months into his OC arrival, he convinced himself that he was still a funny fat kid and was determined to make a career entertaining others. Since then JL has become the face of CBS Sports Mobile & CBS Mobile's Comedy Channel, written 2 sitcom pilots, and he now his own show at the Brea & Irvine Improv titled "Last Call Comedy".

Jonny Loquasto
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