I suppose I should start by telling you a little about myself, after all, that's what a bio is, isn't it? I was born in Rockford, IL to very wealthy parents. However, after being kidnapped by gypsies, I was sold to the ones I have now. We left Rockford when I was nine and headed for New Jersey, where I stayed for only 3 years (THANK GOD!!) Kidding, Jersey was great. I then found myself in the state I consider home: North Carolina. After graduating from high school, I ended up at Arizona State University, where after just one semester I ended up on the dean's list..... of academic probation. A 1.5 GPA will do that to you. However, I did learn how to open beer bottles with my teeth and make brownies (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

After a couple years knocking around Phoenix, I headed north to Minnesota, spent a year and a half as a DJ and somehow then ended up in Aspen, Colorado. Two years in Aspen was definitely enough, not that I didn't love it, but my liver said it was time to go. So I headed back to Minnesota for a few years. It was there I first tried my hand at stand-up comedy. It seemed I finally found something that came pretty naturally to me, so in 2005 I "closed the shop, sold the house, and bought a ticket to the west coast". I now call Los Angeles home, and after being here only a short while, found myself booked at some of LA's hottest comedy venues such as The Improv, The Ice House, and The Comedy Store just to name a few.

People always ask me "where do you get your material?" Well, if living in seven different states, having every job from tan salon manager to iron worker, and coming from a dysfunctional family (comic prerequisite) doesn't give you any material, I don't know what does.

I wish you all the best and remember, don't trust whitey!

Jonas Garvin


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