John took his first tentative steps into stand up in 1999 and just 3 months after his first appearance found himself doing his first run at the Edinburgh Festival with the Stand comedy club in Stand up Scotland a showcase for the best new talent emerging on the Scottish scene.

From there he became involved in the clubs sketch troupe and completed another four Edinburgh runs with the Fish Supper sketch show . The show received great critical acclaim and went on to a pilot for BBC Scotland but sadly didn’t go all the way to a TV series. It was then that he decided to concentrate more on stand up, with the end result being him winning the Scottish section of the Spike Milligan award for new talent in 2003.

In 2004 John then decided to follow a full time career in stand up and moved to England. In the four short years that followed he now finds himself headlining and MCing all the major clubs around the UK and has gigged as far afield as the Middle East. A favourite with audiences and promoters alike it looks like this man is just getting started.

John Scott
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