John Andrew Robles woke up at the age of 55 and decided to become a Comedy Writer, Stand-Up Comedian and Actor. This stand-up comedy performance takes place in Houston, Texas, and is a hint of what is to come with his first stand-up DVD due in the fall of 2009. John Robles joins the ranks of latin comedians out there today like George Lopez, Gabriel Iglesias, Paul Rodriguez and Anjelah Johnson. His rough style and raspy voice are reminiscent of old school blue collar comedians like Robin Harris, Redd Fox and Richard Pryor. John's perspective on life is unique, and he has material that few of the young comedians are going to be able to come up with. Watch this series of online videos develop overtime, and you will be watching the development of the next great latin stand-up comic. Also, John's first film entitled, "John the Angry Mover" is available online youtube of course and available for purchase on

John Robles
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