John Goodwyn is a Washington, DC based comedian. He regularly performs all around the Mid-Atlantic area, as well as western Pennsylvania, and New York.

He's performed at so many comedy clubs, taco bars, seafood restaurants, backyards, and drug stores, it's hard to keep count.

If you'd like to talk to John about booking a show, you can visit his site at or his more "regular guy" type website at If you give a crap what his opinion on random junk might be, you can go to his blog at


John Goodwyn

My Clips

3 stars

God plays bowling for dollars using tornadoes and trailer parks and gets credit for the spare

5 stars
Politicians are a-holes

Poking fun at congress, presidents and the latest bunch of knuckleheads running for the GOP nomination.

3 stars
Sex with younger women

Talking about being divorced and having sex with younger women.

3 stars
John Goodwyn - Finding Myself

2 Minutes of comedy about taking zoloft and finding myself after a tough year. This was from the Stardome Open Mic Finale in Birmingham, Alabama on 2/23/10.

3 stars
Bar Soap in the Shower

Talking about why you shouldn't use bar soap in the shower.

4 stars
John Goodwyn - Over 40 Now

the trials and tribulations of entering middle-age.

5 stars
John Goodwyn - Where Does Comedy Come From?

Talking about current events and the source of new comedy.

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