Joel is an 2 Time National Award winning Outdoor Writer (Midwest Outdoors 2007, 2012) who was drawn to comedy by a very talented young comic Hobbitt who he befriended.

Told he was "unbelievably comfortable with the silence" by a visiting professional comic, now friend, the first time he was on stage, Joel's quick rise through the comedy ranks are due to his experience on over 35 fishing TV shows including Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets. He also performed on stages in front of over 10,000 fishing enthusiasts working the famous "HAWG TROUGH" during the Sports Show seasons of 1995 & 1996. But comedy is a different beast. That came with the help of fellow comics such as Nate Ford (the Hobbit) and many of those listed below. In the year and a half since he has started Joel has opened for Frankie Paul Morrell, Tim Kidd, Ron Fiengold, Kris Shaw, Pat Godwin, Issac MIlton Witty, David Crowe, Auggie Smith, APRIL MACIE, Mike Bobbitt, John Conroy, Sheng Wang and Josh Sneed.

Joel is a regular emcee and opening act at The Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton Wisconsin where the owner and core group of comics including Mike Merryfield, Rob Brakenridge, Steve Hartman, Nate Hoss and John Egan continue to be an influence and provide support. So do his local group of comic brothers including Alan Gregory, Greg Willett and James Thorn, who is not allowed to sit near him in class.

Joel Kunz

My Clips

5 stars
Nothing Surprises Me Anymore

Joel Kunz is interested in a new congregation.

5 stars
Try a Puppy First

Joel Kunz has some valuable advice for the men and women in the crowd.

5 stars
No More Jehovah's Witnesses

Joel Kunz stops by the local church to give them a taste of their own medicine.

5 stars
Dog Business

Joel Kunz loves his dogs.

5 stars
Love the Dog More

Joel Kunz has an amazing dog!

5 stars
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