Joe Zimmerman is the kind of comedian who makes you want to go "ha" or "ahaha!" or "That is SO true high five!" Joe utilizes the art of "humor" to make his speech patterns seem "funny." Please stay and enjoy Joe's award winning, five-star, executive-suite, comedy speeches.

Joe is currently on tour with The Beards of Comedy, and was named Charlotte, NC's best comedian by Creative Loafing Magazine. At the 2009 NC Comedy Arts Festival in Chapel Hill, Joe was named top four emerging comics by Punchline Magazine.

Fun Facts: Enjoys Cranberry Juice, Hammocks, and writing poems about Cranberry Juice and Hammocks currently seeking publisher

If you are looking to book a comedy speaker for an event or an HBO special Joe is whatever age, gender, or nationality you need him to be.

Joe Zimmerman
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