Born & raised in New York, Joe began doing stand up in 1999 while attending Lehigh University. Upon graduation in 2001 he returned to The City to pursue comedy full-time.

During his time in New York his humor was featured as part of the Boston Comedy Festival, the NY Surf Film Festival, the Lighthouse International Film Festival, High Times Magazine and College Sports Television as well as clubs & colleges in and around the tri-state area.

In 2010 Joe moved to Los Angeles to surf and chase his Hollywood dream, landing the role of Thomas Magnum in the feature film update of the hit 80's TV show Magnum PI.

He currently co-hosts the "Kooks of Komedy" a podcast about surfing and stand up with fellow comedian Lachlan Patterson.

If you are a producer involved in bringing Magnum to the big-screen please contact Joe a few weeks before auditions begin so that he may have sufficient time to get his mustache to "full Selleck."

Joe Praino

My Clips

5 stars
I Hate Radio

You may heart radio, but Joe Praino hates it.

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Drinking and Driving

Joe Praino defends his bad habit.

5 stars
Being Broke is Tough

Joe Praino says being broke is tough, but he makes it look pretty easy.

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