Joe Gleckler has been performing comedy in and around the Bay Area for the past 4 years, at Cobb’s Comedy Club, Rooster T. Feather’s, Tommy T’s, and numerous other venues. He hosts most Wednesdays and often on Friday and Saturday at Our Little Theater in San Francisco 287 Ellis St. @ Taylor. Our Little Theater is just what the name says. Its size allows an intimacy absent at most clubs, while it attracts comedians who perform regularly at national venues like the Punchline. Shows are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8-9:30pm. Joe's performances are informed by a multitude of influences: growing up in Baltimore, being raised by a preacher and former missionary, teaching English as a second language, both in the States and abroad 2 years in Korea and 5 in Japan, marriage and being pop-culture illiterate. Seeing Joe perform will change your life. Watch him, then give up.

Joe Gleckler
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