My name is Jim Holland and I am an actor/stand up comedian. I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and The Improv Olympic West in L.A. You may have seen me on Jay Leno doing my "Arnold" impression, The Last Comic Standing Season Four, and I was also on Good Morning Arizona. I also have over 500 videos on Youtube. Goooooooogle JimHolland8 or TwisterMan/Suzuki Saki/Pansey Lefleur/LifeSaverMan/Shoe Lace Guy and Jim Holland and the Houligans or Who La gins. I've been doing stand up for over ten years and I have been acting longer!

Jim Holland

My Clips

5 stars
Jim Holland Clean Comedy

Jim Holland Clean Comedy Google Me

5 stars
Jim Holland @ The Comedy Spot

Jim Holland @ The Comedy Spot Politics/Impressions/Physical Comedy

3 stars
Bailout Cash

Bailout Cash Jim Holland

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