Jessica Michelle Singleton is an internationally touring stand-up comedian. She is the co-host of
"Equally Insane", the number one show on the Jon Lovitz Comedy Network. In 2013, she became the
first English speaking female to be invited to participate in the Montreux Comedy Festival, Europe's
largest and longest running comedy festival.

She has been invited to several other festivals including
NuvoTV's Cabo Comedy Festival as part of “Stand Up & Deliver” Women in Comedy, Laughing Skull
and Bridgetown Comedy Festivals. She is a regular on the talking head pop culture program “Headline
Punchline” on Larry King's network OraTV. Her comedy is featured on SiriusXM's Raw Dog Comedy
Station and she has been on several showcases for Comedy Central.

Jessica Michelle Singleton has created a unique style of comedy that combines personal stories and
extremely random thoughts from what some people refer to as a hyperactive, slightly deranged

She would also like to add that she sometimes refers to herself in third person to help give her a false
sense of self-worth.

Thanks for coming out. Seriously, I love the gays.

Jessica Michelle Singleton
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