Jesse Fernandez is settled rubble based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Let's you and I perform an amazing act of friendship, right here:

And if you'd like me to be much less responsive to you, you can add me here:

Jesse Fernandez

My Clips

4 stars

Sometimes you can get what you want.

1 stars

Just two cool dudes keeping it cool with some cool cigarettes.

4 stars
When Jesse Has No Job

No job. No money. Lots of free time for thinking.

5 stars
3 stars
3 stars
A Bit of Pat and Jesse

"Talent Institute" This is me and Pat at Sketchfest in January 2010

5 stars
Pepsi vs Coke vs Pat vs Jesse

"Talent Institute" Pat and Jesse like their favorite sodas to the detriment of their friendship.

5 stars
Impressions and Improv

"Talent Institute" Pat and Jesse showcase a variety of skills.

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