You won't find many people that can claim to be a lifetime class clown, witty, handsome, posess two college degrees, savvy in graphic design, own one of the most distinct voices in the country, and on top of that, just be funny as hell! Well, Jermaine is definately the exception! This talented young man from Birmingham, Alabama has been entertaining audiences across the southeast for several years now, and many seem to agree that he has the potential to etch his name in the comedy history books with the greats.

From his early days as a youngster in Opelika, Alabama, Jermaine has always had the ability to make any room or classroom his own personal stage. At home, in middle school, at Jackson-Olin High School Birmingham, and at Stillman College Tuscaloosa, Jermaine has entertained his family and peers leaving behind his personal "Trail of Tears" by making people explode with laughter and often times crying. In 2001, he started hosting shows at Stillman College and eventually other schools in the southeast. In early 2005, he took the advice of his good friend comedian Tre Williamson and decided to move past the master of ceremonies act to doing full stand-up. In his first ever full show at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, he exited to a standing ovation! Jermaine almost never shies away from an opportunity to make an audience laugh. He can oftentimes be found traveling with his brother Ricardo "DJ Stikuhbush" Johnson giving impromptu performances at college parties around the southeast. With his glowing personality, southern charm, boyish looks, and endless talent, Jermaine is destined to be on a first-name basis with the world!

Jermaine Johnson
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