I'm a comic from the Midwest. I stand on stage and talk into a microphone and sometimes make people laugh.

I write for the Nationally Syndicated Bob & Tom Show.

Like every other comic in the world I am on Facebook & Twitter.

Jeff Oskay


My Clips

5 stars
Good Enough For NASA

Jeff Oskay finds out that in the end it's not smart to skimp on love.

5 stars
Trick or Treating in the Rich Town

Jeff Oskay is looking for the full-size Snickers cause "Fun-Size," is a god forsaking LIE!!!!!!!

5 stars
Super Great Fun Clips

Jeff Oskay refuses to cut his hair because he believes it is the root of his comedic power.

5 stars

Jeff Oskay has a PHD(Player Hating Degree).

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Hard Working America

We work hard for the money.

5 stars

The house always wins.

5 stars
Riding The Bus

It's hard to remain dignified while riding the bus.

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