I write songs, mostly about the news. Funny songs. Smart songs.

Sometimes they're parodies. Sometimes they're original.

Sometimes I play all the instruments. And sometimes it's more like what might happen if you took Jon Stewart to a karaoke bar. Think of it as Tom Lehrer for a new generation.

Most of my work lives in relative obscurity, part of the public radio podcast I host(ed -- update: cancelled!) called "In The Loop." I also perform regularly as part of the quirky jazz-pop group "The Smarts."

Jeff Horwich


My Clips

3 stars
Media Thanksgiving, 2009

A little tune giving thanks for all those stories that kept us occupied during the past year. From http://InTheLoopShow.net

3 stars
The Ballad of Joseph Cao

You know: The guy who broke ranks and was the only House Republican to vote for the health insurance reform bill. Yeah, that guy. Now he has a song. And this is it.

3 stars
Karzai (the song)

A musical take on the news of the week, as always: This time it's the "election" of Hamid Karzai. Three-point bonus for creative use of hand-sanitizer.

3 stars
Public Plan, Public Plan!

Health care reform? It all comes down to the "Public Plan" (or "public option," if you prefer, but "public plan" makes a much better song).

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