As a youth Jeff moved around a lot, so that probably made it easier for him to put on a backpack and spend years hitch-hiking throughout the U.S., Carribean, South, and Central America. He sailed through a huricane, witnessed first hand battles in the Nicaraguan civil war, and hiked hundreds of miles of wilderness trails. He got home to get a B.A. in Poli Sci, sing in garage bands, get divorced twice, and make and lose a few very small fortunes.

These days Jeff's loving being a father of two amazing boys, three years of marriage to his feisty beautiful Mexican born wife who is pregnant with their first child, and running a property investment management LLC.

Stand-Up is his all consuming passion. He's performed throughout the Twin Cities, and has his sights set on turning this into his next adventure. His stand-up is a mix of Bill Cosby and Bill Hicks. He's known as a "clean" comic, but watch out what he throws at you!

Jeff Krohn
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