Jeff began studying comedy at the famous Groundlings Theater as well as the Upright Citizens Brigade. Soon, Jeff was perfecting his buffoonery on the stage at Second City, The Comedy Store, the McCadden Theater, and numerous other LA comedy hotspots. Jeff's performances began to catch the attention of LA audiences, as he was invited to perform at the Comedy Cocktail, one of LA's largest and most presitigous comedy shows. In a bizarre twist, some of Jeff's sketches were considered for an GLAAD award; however, Jeff never received the nomination; this was most likely due to the aforementioned sketches featuring a pedophile Sgt. Slaughter and a horny stranded research scientist gettin' it on with a native boy.

Along with fellow comedians Erin Myles and Chad Hall, Jeff founded, writes, performs with, and directs Davidson!, an emerging sketch troupe which has won sketch competitions at Second City, performed showcases for National Lampoon, and has a regular gig at the McCadden Theater, home of the LA Comedy Festival. Davidson! has a under whelming myspace page which you are encouraged to visit.

Jeff Galante
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