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3 stars
White Trash Trailer (Episode 3 Part 2)

White Trash Trailer host Billy Bob Boner performs a dual role, including that of star actress Jezebel Anuston, in a pretend scene from the sitcom, "Friends," Part 2 of a two-part episode. Billy Bob hasn't seen the show, so his performance is based on a description from second cousin Junior. Billy Bob demonstrates how "canned laughin'" can turn an ordinary skit into a non-stop laugh riot.

5 stars
White Trash Trailer (Episode 2 Earl Goes to Jail)

White Trash Trailer host Billy Bob Boner visits second cousin Earl at the county jail after Earl gets charged with "insects" for fathering cousin Edna Mae's hog-nosed baby. Earl tells Billy Bob that he "dreamed" four or five fellow inmates held him down and defiled him with a "summer sausage" or "hard salami." Earl said the dream left him sore and the butt-end of his cellmates' laughter when he woke up the next morning. Billy Bob and the rest of the family -- some of them deformed and mentally impaired -- don't understand why the law frowns on cousins' "dating."

5 stars
White Trash Trailer

White Trash Trailer. Promo for Webcast and talk show that will debut next month, hosted by Billy Bob Boner from the heart of White Trash, USA. We'll discuss creative uses for duct tape, President Obama's health care plan, roof leaks, flexible sewer lines, the freezing of credit in the global economy and bald-headed women.

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