Jeb Cadwell has thus far enjoyed a diverse life, both in the world of entertainment and in the wild world outside. The vast life experience that he has accrued paints a colorful picture in both his material and his stage persona.

Having lived and performed in Michigan, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Arizona, Colorado, California, and Illinois, Jeb is a rogue of many subcultures. In the job world, he has been a construction worker, a logger, journalist, schoolteacher, yoga teacher, film grip, support technician, office manager, youth at risk counselor and a street musician. Through it all, stand-up comedy has been his passion, and he is proud to now include “working feature comic” on this list.

The additional dues that Jeb has been paying, with interest, to achieve his working credits include 10 years of work in: children’s theater; acting schools; dozens of sketch and improvisational revues; radio shows; street theater; and roles as club and festival emcee, head-writer, and director.

Jeb has just completed his record breaking, “Overdrive Tour.” 400 Stand-up comedy shows in fewer than 10 months. These sets were throughout Chicago and the Midwest. Recent credits include showcases or emcee work at Zanies, Riddles, The Improv in Chicago, and work at The Laughing Post in MI, and Comedy on State, Madison WI. Jeb is based out of Chicago, and travels throughout the country.

His performance style varies from traditional set-up /punch format, to longer-form theatrical character pieces. TimeOut Chicago says:"Cadwell's got the talent to match his drive. His material is intelligent and complex, delivered with a sarcastic drawl for an effect that conjures Steve Martin and Owen Wilson."

Jeb Cadwell
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