Jeanie started her career at the tender age of five when she quickly learned that as the youngest of eight children, she needed a hook if she ever wanted to be: fed, bathed, or have her existence aknowledged in any way. Failing miserably at tap dacing, Irish dancing, gymnastics, and academics, she carved out her comedy niche with kick-ass knock-knock jokes and soon rose to fame at the family dinner table with such classics as: "knock-knock." "knock-knock." "knock-knock, you drunk mother fuckers! Someone open the goddamn door before Uncle Paddy starts tickling me again." Jeanie can currently be seen at most Therapists’ offices around the Chicagoland area. That is, she can be seen at most Therapists’ offices that haven’t yet asked her to "please find another therapist."

Jeanie Doogan

My Clips

5 stars
Southside V Northside

Jeanie explains the difference between Southside and Northside girls in Chicago.

3 stars
Family Game Night

Some traditions never get old...

3 stars
Hero Dog

Did you see that video where that dog saves the other dog's life? He's amazing, isn't he? Or is he? Jeanie uncovers the truth behind the video.

5 stars
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