Jay Nog has been entertaining audiences with his rambunctious stand-up comedy since 2004. He is not known for holding back with his material. At first Nog appears scruffy and blunt, but audiences quickly discover his soft side and feel at home with his playful sarcasm. Nog has been featured on MTV, in Talent in Motion magazine as one of NYC’s “top up-and-coming comics”, and as a guest host on AMC’s “Movie Date Night”. He has also opened for Patrice O’Neal and Jim Florentine. Jay is the founder of the production company Big Apple Comedians.

Jay Nog


My Clips

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3 stars

The newest trend for ladies is to "Vijazzle"

3 stars
Picking up a hot girl in Vegas

Jay talks about hitting on a hot girl at a Las Vegas bar.

3 stars
Finally had sex with a black girl

Yup, had sex with a black girl

3 stars
Wooooh Girl

I hate the woooh girl at every concert.

3 stars

Jay Nog goes skiing and shares his thoughts.

3 stars
I smoke too much weed

Jay explains how you know when you smoke too much weed.

3 stars
I can't tell when a girl orgasms

Jay explains why its hard to tell when a girl orgasms and he has a solution.

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