Hailing from beautiful Covington, KY Jay Armstrong is one of America's funniest scumbags. His style of comedy delights degenerates and high society alike. From observations of the world he has a general distaste for to accounts from his personal experiences there is a little something for everyone.

Jay was a child who was always told he had a lot of "potential" and spent most of his early years in school in gifted programs for genius kids. At 16 he discovered heroin and spent the next 9 years struggling with addiction, homelessness, and even served a little time in prison on drug charges. In 2005 he went to rehab and since has been the quintessential story of redemption and recovery.

Once Jay worked up the courage to follow his dreams of comedy he was hooked and comedy quickly became his new addiction. Jay travels the country performing at comedy clubs, recovery events and even a prison here and there. In 2014 he recorded his first comedy album which can be heard on Pandora Internet Radio. Jay is now a father in addition to being a comedian.

Jay Armstrong


My Clips

4 stars
Tired Of Getting Fat

Jay Armstrong talks about trying to get into shape.

3 stars
DUI Liscence Plates

Jay Armstrong is skeptical about just how smart smart car owners actually are.

3 stars
Zombie Preparedness

Jay Armstrong is tired of how stupid television has become.

5 stars
A Concrete Room

Jay Armstrong gives you a prison story, and the time he met Ron Jeremy.

3 stars

Jay Armstrong will not be putting a rattlesnake in his mouth.

4 stars
The Truth Behind Zombies

Jay Armstrong does not believe in zombies.

4 stars
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