Javier Sanchez accidentally got his start in comedy in the eighth grade when he finished gym class only to realize he had no deodorant. His only viable solution, borrow his sister’s Secret Solid. Javier decided to beat his potential antagonizers to the punch by unleashing a barrage of self deprecating jokes that made him a locker room legend and cemented his fate as a stand up comedian. Javier has performed in cities all across the United States, from Ketchikan, Alaska to Disney World in Orlando as opposed to the oft forgotten Disney World in Toledo, Ohio to the world famous Carolines in New York City and everywhere in between. He also served his country by doing a tour of comedic duty on US Army Bases in Germany, Italy and Japan. Whether in front of an audience of 5 or 5,000, Javier is sure to be a hit with his off-beat yet clean brand of comedy. If you’ve ever laughed really, really hard about something really, really funny, then seeing Javier’s performance will be very similar to that experience!

Javier Sanchez

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