Jason was born and raised in small town Ohio where he spent most of his youth "singing" in heavy metal bands and heckling pedestrians from the window of his Mom's Dodge Caravan. Though his professor parents continually attempted to force him to show interest in school, it wasn't until late college when he wised up. After graduating with honors from a small liberal arts college, Jason received an M.A in Criminology from the University of New Hampshire. Instead of becoming a prison guard, Jason decided to become involved in computer work for which he has always had a knack but never a passion. Due to his general misery and need to get back to his performance roots, Jason began hitting the open mic circuit in NYC in the summer of 2002. For the past 6 years he has climbed his way not always gracefully to performing regularly at all the major clubs in New York. He is a comic’s comic, receiving praise from his peers and from club owners throughout the country. He is a true New York comic, brash, honest, confrontational and heady.

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