Here’s the scoop: Jason was born in Wichita KS, raised in Baltimore MD, ran away to New York City and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. He has Midwest values, an East Coast attitude and a West Coast mentality.

After being a fake-a-date for 9 prom dates, Jason came out and has never looked back. “The whole coming out was not very eventful. Mom cried, but I think that was right after I introduced her to my first boyfriend he ended up making me cry too. She’s much better now and the men I date are actually employed. Dad ordered a Corolla (meaning Corona, what an insurance geek!),” says Jason.

Jason has performed everywhere from Vegas to Tahoe, New York and LA. He has opened for Judy Gold, Ant and Sandra Bernhardt. He has also appeared on LOGO’s Wisecracks—OutLaugh Comedy Festival. He is a host and producer of GaysRUs at the Hollywood Improv, and is a founding member of Queer on Their Feet.

Jason Dudey

My Clips

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4 stars
Skydiving with Mom and Dad

Jason Dudey likes his men like he likes his parachutes - strapped to his back at a 10,000 foot elevation.

5 stars
Jason Dudey - Hermosa Beach

The Gay Next Door

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4 stars
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